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C Patisserie

Foodie: Hotpot #A

Foodie: Hotpot #A

Product is for display only. Please contact our customer service crew to understand more.

All cakes use fresh cream for inner filling. Strict storage temperature needed.

* Pictures on this website are intended as a guide and for illustration only. Fondant letters on the cake board are not included by default.

Keep and Serve It Chilled

All cakes are to be kept in chiller and consumed within 48 hours from the time of collection/delivery for its freshness.

Cakes with fresh cut fruits or fresh flowers as topping should be consumed within 6 hours.

Fresh dairy whipping cream melts < 20mins at room temperature and 40mins in cold rooms at 16°C. A melt cake loses its design and taste!

Please alert our customer service team prior to your order if you foresee there is any storage challenges at the venue.

Visual Discrepency

Our Cake Artists always try to reproduce the cake as demonstrated at their best efforts even though the pictures are for illustration only.

In the event of supply shortage, non-edible toppers may be replaced with other similar design/pose in the same theme group without prior notice.

All cakes (including edible toppers/figurines) are handmade toppers are hand crafted, hence minor variance in size, colour, position, orientation, etc shall be expected on the actual products from the picture illustrations.

Should you have a strong demand on certain particular design of toppers and/or other decors, you are advised to discuss with our customer service crew on the feasibility before placing order.

Ingredients & Allergic Reminder

We use only Millac UHT Whipping Cream (Blue) in our products with a wide range of flavours from Signature Fruits, Chocolate, Oreo, Taro, Earl Grey and a lot more. Refer to our FAQ page for the full list.

Low-sugar chiffon base is used by default for utmost softness and smooth texture, but sponge or buttercake can be requested separately for longer stability.

Sugar free or egg free cake is currently not available. 

Our cakes typically contain eggs, dairy products, flour, and fruits. Contact us in advance on concerns about allergic reaction

Pick A Right Size

Choice of sizes are in inches and represents the diameter (round) or longest side (square/rectangular) of the cakes.

Modern style fillings and decorations make our cakes usually heavier than the traditional ones, so it's not advised to measure our cakes by weight. Please refer to our servicing chart list in FAQ for reference when you're planning your order. Please note no of servings can be different depending on the slice size during cutting.

Our Art Cakes (custom made cakes) typically stand 4in (or 10cm) in height for Signature Fruit ones, despite the slightly different heights of different flavours. A gourmet cake of TALL is approximately 4in (or 10cm) in height and SHORT is approximately 3in (or 7cm). Please note a shorter cake serves lesser pax.

Certain designs are bound by min and max sizes.

Safe Colouring Notice

Food-grade colourings are used in cake coating to achieve the artisanal effects, especially those designs with stronger colours. We DO NOT recommend to consume the strong coloured (black, red, dark blue, etc) coating buttercream to avoid possible stain to your teeth, hands and clothes, even it is safe to do so.

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