Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ is specially compiled for orders of C Patisserie bespoke cakes, desserts and dessert tables which require lead time to prepare and stricter temperature conditions to store.
**** Placing an Order ****

A minimum 7 days notice is required for most cases.

Complicated, special, or bulk orders may require longer lead time. Some festival dates or holiday seasons can be very hot that you may only secure a slot about 3~4 weeks in advance.

Whether an order can be taken on that date is subject to the slot availability. Although we will try our very best to sync up the information, the available slots displayed in this website may have minor discrepancy from the actual studio's availability.

The collection/delivery slot will be confirmed only if full payment is received.

A deposit of 70% equivalent of the full price may be acceptable if the order is for advance future date of more than 1 months to secure a slot and remaining balance is to be paid 1 week prior.

For bespoke items, most of the preparation work would commence prior to the actual day. As such, we regret that any change or cancellation is strictly subject to our discretional consent on a case by case basis depending on the status of the order preparation.

Nevertheless, even if the cancellation or change request is accepted, there will be strictly no refund for any excess payment if any. However, the excess amount (after deducting the cost of preparation work commenced to date) can be used as credit for future purchase.

There will be no credit issued for cancellation made within last 2 days to the actual day.

Should you find the product received is not as what you expected, you may share your concerns and photos with our post-sale support at WhatsApp +65-8899-5358. The damage will be assessed before rectification suggestion or compensation is to be offered.

Unfortunately we do not provide refund or exchange service for cakes, desserts, pastries, and other consumable products.

Perishable goods (including flowers, plants, inflated balloons, etc), sale items, and gift cards are not refundable as well.

A standard celebration package will be provided together for each of your Art Cakes and Custom-made Cakes ordered at free of charge during the promotion period, including

  • 1x celebration candle (design is random and subject to availability)
  • 1x disposable cake knife (*not included for pinata cakes)
  • 5x disposable plates and sporks (*10x for bigger size cakes)

For other gourmet/standard cakes, we will be happy to include one candle and knife for free on request.

For cupcakes and other desserts, suitable culinary will be adjusted to fit for the group.

Other accessories, balloons and additional candles & utensils can be purchased separately with your order.

Warning: You're advised to exercise extreme caution and distance when lighting the candles.

**** About the Cakes ****

We strongly recommend our signature fruit flavour for your first order with us, that is fresh cream frosted chiffon cake with fresh cut mango and strawberry as fillings (one layer each).

Yet you may also request other flavours from below (additional charge applies for some flavours).

Flavour Cake Fillings
Signature Chiffon Fresh Cream with Fresh Cut Strawberry and Mango
Blueberry* Chiffon Blueberry Cream with Fresh Blueberry
Oreo Chiffon Oreo Cream and Crunch
Taroˆ Chiffon Taro Paste
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Ganache with Raspberry Jam
Matcha Matcha Uji Matcha Cream with Anko (Azuki Bean Paste)
Earl Grey Earl Grey Earl Grey Cream
Rainbowˆ Rainbow Fresh Cream Only
Dragonfruit Chiffon Fresh Cream with Fresh Cut Dragonfruit
Chiffon Fresh Cream with Fresh Cut Rockmelon/Hami-melon
Lychee Roseˆ
Chiffon Rose Cream with Fresh Lychee

* Additional $10       ^ Additional $20

Depending on the party size, you should choose an appropriate size of cake based on our size chart below (for full height cakes only; lesser servings expected for shorter cakes and custom shaped cakes),

Cake Size
(Regular Height)
Recommended Servicing Group
2inch abt 300g 1~2 pax
4inch abt 800g 3~4 pax
5inch abt 1.2kg 4~6 pax
6inch abt 1.5kg 6~10 pax
7inch abt 2kg 10~15 pax
8inch abt 2.5kg 15~20 pax
10inch abt 4kg 20~30 pax


Weight are indicative and can vary with the chosen flavours due to the different cake base and fillings within. Please choose more approriate size based on the number of servings. Please note we use only low-sugar recipes, so please expect your guests going for the second round.

Yes and No.

All cakes will be of similar theme, colouring, concept, and look & feel as illustrated in the picture. But yet, every handcrafted cake is unique for it's hand made. We will try our best to present the cake as illustrated in pictures but it will also carry our own design elements and patterns, especially when the requested size and height are different from the original illustration.

If you're seriously concerned about every single detail of difference between the actual cake and the reference picture, you're advised to give it a more careful consideration before planning an custom-made cake.

Yes, and ALWAYS (unless otherwise specified).

You may need to clear some space in your fridge in advance for your elegant cake's arrival.

Only fresh whipping cream (Millac UHT Blue) is used in our C Patisserie fresh cream products. They deserve for a cool place to stay, so please keep them chilled from the moment of collection or delivery.

Unconsumed products shall be discarded after 48 hours from collection or delivery. 

Please look out for the following time limit for keeping them at an unfavourable temperature at all time.

Place/Temp Max Limit of Life
Under the Sun NEVER
Room Temp (18˜24°C) Up to 15mins
In Cold Room (16˜18°C) Up to 40mins
Chiller (0˜4°C) up to 48 hours
Freezer (< 0°C) up to 40mins

To achieve the necessary artisanal effect as illustrated by the design, food grade colouring will be used for cake coating (the exterior coating buttercream).

We do not recommend to consume those coloured buttercream to avoid possible stain on your teeth, hands and clothes even though it is safe to do so.

In our fresh cream cakes, we do not use any gelatin to stablise our cream. Hence they require stricter cold storage conditions.

If your party group can take eggs and dairy products, our cakes are friendly to your party group.

However, gelatins may be used in achieving certain artisanal decorative effect/designs. It may be a good idea to check with our customer service crew to confirm if a particular design may contain gelatin to decorate the cakes.

NEVER smash a cake for fun unless you have informed us the cake is intended for smash purpose. If a baby smash cake or a fun smash cake is required, please highlight your request to our friendly customer service crew and we will deliver a cake as needed.

Otherwise, Warning on Supporting Structure (possible sharp objects within): Some complicated designer cakes including its figurines and decorations may contain supporting structures within. These supporting parts can be sharp and SHALL BE REMOVED before the cake can be consumed.

Hand-made edible fingurines and decors used on Elite C Cakes are made from modelling chocolate or fondant. However, consuming edible decors is NOT RECOMMENDED.

**** Delivery or Self Collection *****

Yes, we provide doorstep delivery service island wide. * Working hours restriction applies. 

Just choose local delivery option when you place your order. If you change your mind from self-collection to delivery nearer to your actual date, the delivery address and contact must be confirmed at least two days in advance.

Cooler-bag delivery service will be charged from $15~$30 depending the destinations. Surplus charge will be applied for delivery to Sentosa, Tuas, and Jurong Island, and also popular dates.

For Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Hotels, Airports, Private Clubhouse, Amusement Parks and any other destination that parking charges may incur, our delivery partner will not be able to deliver your order to the doorstep. We appreciate your understanding to collect your order at nearest drop-off point or concierge area.

Should our delivery partner is unable to deliver the cake to your hand as stipulated timeframe, for the reason that the cake cannot be just left unattended as it can easily melt within minutes, please be advised that there will be an $50 re-delivery charge imposed for the 2nd delivery attempt in a selected timeslot at sole discretional decision by C Patisserie. Alternatively, you may arrange your own pickup service to pickup for you if our first delivery attempt failed.

Yes, you or your collection service partner may collect the order at Level 1, 129 Desker Road (S'209644) (the first shop behind Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant).* Working hours restriction applies.

Please select CAR as the transportation vehicle and indicate 'Fresh cream cake delivery, please drive with care and coolest aircon.' in the remarks. Strictly no other vehicle and pickup service by motorbike/van/lorry will be rejected by our shop.

Delivery service and self collection are from 11am~6pm on our business days. Additional charges apply for orders needed before 11am or after 6pm.

We usually reserve 3-hour window for delivery and delay can be expected due to traffic and weather conditions. Delivery at a specific timing cannot be guaranteed but we always try.

Hand made cakes take time and effort to design, create and decorate. Hence, collection timing is estimated and sometimes delay is expected if there is an overrun from prior orders in busy days.

If you're coming to collect instead of delivery, you're strongly advised to call the shop 30 minutes in advance to confirm whether the order is ready to avoid any disappointment or unexpected waiting time.

We can always try but we cannot promise.

Kitchen can be super busy in a packed day. Picture is usually taken for an order upon ready but sharing of the picture to customer may be challenging.

We cannot guarantee every such request will be fulfilled but we always attempt to share the pictures at later timing. Please note that pictures are for reference only and the cake is final with the actual product delivered/collected.

If you have any unsatisfaction or dispute over the cake design, please feel free to contact our post-sale service at (+65) 88995358 to provide your feedback.